Finca Ogawa offers such a broad range of lodging and travel adventure options that it is sure to fit virtually any budget or lifestyle — from the Old World quaintness to be found at Casa Cecilia and Casa de Barbara to the view-inspired, high-ceilinged openness of two-story Casa Clara Lorena.

    Casa Alegria,  Casa la Cuccina and Casa Alma round out the picture with comfortable, well-appointed and inviting accommodations.

    Finca Ogawa is committed to lowering our carbon footprint , we have recently installed solar panels on our houses, and are committed to a cleaner Argentina.

    Here is more detailed information about our SIX LODGING OPTIONS:


    Completely refurbished and modernized, each of these inviting casitas has a fully equipped kitchen ready for you to mix and match the various local fresh ingredients.  And, aside from the many nearby attractions and activities to which we can direct you throughout Valle de Uco, high-speed Wi-Fi and DirectTV are also available for news and sports junkies.

    It’s a rustic farm experience, but cleanliness, relaxation and comfort are our paramount goals — with regular house cleaning and room freshening included in your stay.

    Casa de Barbara (click here for details)

    Casa de Barbara Patio And Grape Arbor

    Casa de Barbara is a 600-square foot (56 m2), two-bedroom home/casita. One bedroom has a king-sized bed and the second has two twin beds.

    The casita has a private bathroom, living room, dining room, full kitchen to cook, DirectTV. Wi-Fi and a 320 sq. foot (30 m2) veranda with outdoor parrilla. CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING AND HEAT, as well as a wood-burning stove, are provided.

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    Casa Cecilia (click here for details)

    Casa Cecila is a 600-square foot (56 m2), 2-bedroom recently built home / casita. One bedroom has a king-sized bed and the second has 2 twin beds.

    The casita has 1 bathroom, a cozy living room, a dining room with a pass-through to a full kitchen and a 320-square foot veranda with outdoor parrilla. CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING AND HEAT are provided, as well as WiFi and SmartTV.

    Incredible views of the Andes will accompany you every morning and will be secret witness of your asado times.

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    The five newly constructed vineyard villas give guests an opportunity to enjoy country rustic accommodations combined with all of the modern amenities. Each has a layout that is ideal for both families and other travel groups, offering spacious indoor and outdoor comfort in a relaxing and awe-inspiring setting. Furthermore, all of these beautiful villas contain antique furnishings and fixtures carefully selected to enhance their unique stylings.

    Casa Alegria (click here for details)

    Casa Alegria and Mt. Tupungato

    The newest of the five villas, Casa Alegria is a 2690-square foot (250 m2) home enjoying unobstructed Andean views.

    It contains three bedrooms (king, queen, and twin) and three baths in the ground-floor portion, and the central area has a pitched-roof design containing a loft space ideal for use as a fourth bedroom or as a hangout for the kids.

    Casa Alegria has its own private swimming pool, heated flooring, laundry facilities, and an inviting open floor plan, as well as a modern well-equipped kitchen with the highest-quality appliances.

    Casa Alegria also offers central air conditioning and heat, Wi-Fi and DirectTV.

    Double solar panels with 260 liter tank assuring long guilt free showers .

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    Casa Alma (click here for details)

    Casa Alma Patio Facing Andes

    Casa Alma is a 1300-square foot (121 m2) vineyard villa with the heart and soul of a 100-year old winery. The villa draws its inspiration from the history and wine-making heritage of the Mendoza region. All the huge posts, beams and doors, which were recovered from former local bodegas, have been carefully removed and lovingly placed in Casa Alma.

    This newly constructed villa virtually breathes history. The kitchen is very spacious and is equipped with gourmet-quality accessories. Casa Alma is a two-bedroom villa with private in-room baths and a large and romantic open fireplace. Central air conditioning and heat, Wi-Fi and DirectTV are also provided.

    Like all our villas, Casa Alma offers spectacular views of the Andes from the spacious covered verandas.

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    Casa Clara Lorena (click here for details)

    Casa Clara Lorena Patio/Terrace Facing Andes

    At over 3100 square feet (288 m2), Casa Clara Lorena is the “castle of Finca Ogawa.” It is the largest of the villas and the only one with a second story.

    Clara Lorena offers three one-bedroom suites, a separate dining room, and a kitchen “nook” where guests can comfortably relax.

    The second-floor terrace, with its own fireplace, boasts a 360-degree view of the finca, the Andes, and the surrounding Valle de Uco.

    Clara Lorena has a large living-room fireplace, its own private swimming pool, and a big-screen HD television with a DirectTV premium package, Wi-Fi, and central air C conditioning/heat, as well as laundry facilities. There is also a modern, well-equipped kitchen with two separate sinks and a large granite-topped island for food preparation, serving and socializing.

    Double solar panels with 260-liter tank assuring long guilt-free showers.

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    Casa la Cuccina (click here for details)

    Casa la Cuccina is a 1290-square foot (120 m2) vineyard villa that has been constructed with an eye towards the chef in the family. The villa was inspired by our love of cooking and in honor of the “Julia Child of Argentina,” Dona Petrona. The kitchen is very spacious and is equipped with gourmet-quality accessories.

    This is a two-bedroom villa with private in-room baths. It sports a large, romantic open fire place, central air conditioning and heat, Wi-Fi and SmartTV, which are complemented by the spectacular views of the Andes that are available from the spacious covered verandas.

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    Some Of The Reasons to Stay At Finca Ogawa

    The advantage to choosing Finca Ogawa for your stay…be it at our two fully remodeled casitas or at our four newly constructed villa homes… is that all lodgings include complete country gourmet kitchens, private patios, access to the finca community 40-square meter swimming pool (or, in some cases, to private pools), housekeeping services (including scheduled linen service), mountain bikes, DirectTV and Wi-Fi, and prepared meal options, all without the usual hotel intrusions.

    Finca Ogawa sits just minutes away from some of the best and most scenic wineries in the entire Province of Mendoza, rivaling those to be found anywhere in the world.

    Breathe in the fresh Andes mountain air, enjoy a glass of Finca Ogawa’s own roundly praised Malbec (or one of its other varietals) on your own quiet, private veranda, and you’ll quickly come to understand why Trip Advisor considers Finca Ogawa to be the BEST VALUE in Valle de Uco!

    There are a multitude of reasons why Finca Ogawa is THE best place to stay when traveling to this picturesque area:

    • The chance to experience a working vineyard/farm and to enjoy the many amenities afforded by our rural country villa homes
    • The panoramic Andes views and fresh mountain air
    • Proximity to fine restaurants, and to wineries known both for their world-class vintages and their architectural prowess
    • Nearby skiing, hiking, river-rafting, horseback-riding and a unique, geothermal spa
    • Privacy and comfort, suitable for both families and singles at very reasonable rates

    We hope you can join us here at the finca on your next visit to Mendoza and Valle de Uco.

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    Testimonials From Guests

    «The lunch they prepared was perfect…with fresh sun-ripened tomatoes from their garden that were the most gorgeous color of red you have ever seen. They were prepared simply with olive oil, homemade balsamic vinegar, cracked pepper and fresh garden basil. It was as if we were tasting a tomato for the first time. There was grilled corn-on-the-cob, lightly seasoned with red herbs, garden potatoes with olive oil and sea salt, homemade hot-pickled peppers and all sorts of meats: blood sausage, chorizo, carne asada, ribs… it was all so fresh and perfectly prepared. For dessert, we feasted on a fruit parfait with the best chocolate and vanilla ice cream you have ever tasted.

    We all sat at a big wooden farm table with wines flowing from John’s & Martha’s vineyard, and with joyful conversation filling the room! Those who know me well also know that I often talk of what my heaven will be like — and today was the spot-on interpretation of it! I couldn’t have painted a more perfect picture, unless you were all with me! And John and Martha were the most incredible and romantic couple I have ever met — and they don’t even speak the same language! They were so sweet to each other and to us. What a kind and generous couple they were to prepare such a day for us, while sending us home with treasures from their Finca! Even our driver Fernando joined in the festivities of the day, which I was happy about as he has been so good to us.

    John’s & Martha’s wines were incredible, far better than anything we had at Achaval. One of the wines he made in the bathroom of his home (!) and in order to control the temperature he would open the window to cool the wine or put a little wood fire on in the bathroom to warm the wine. He also used wet burlap to put over the barrels to cool them down. My favorite story was about a wine he aged in oak and forgot about, leaving it in contact with the oak longer than he had wished — but it too turned out fantastically. I loved his unpretentious and carefree spirit.

    John’s fresh fruit Malbec was delicious and I wish only that I had brought my wine suitcase. I also loved his Cabernet and Tempranillo, which were quite quaffable and paired so perfectly with the Asado. I will definitely stay in touch with John and Martha and keep tabs on all they are doing — and will be sure to report back in a year, after I open the bottle of wine he gave me…which I believe is the wine he aged in the bathroom!»


    «Last February my girlfriend and I spent a weekend at Finca Ogawa. We had just spent several weeks travelling in Salta, living like gauchos, and we were in dire need of some rest and relaxation. Once we arrived in Valle de Uco, we hopped a cab that sped us towards our destination as fast as an old car can go down dirt roads. Soon, we found ourselves strolling down a fruit-tree lined lane with grape-laden vineyards stretching across the fields before us. We had arrived at Finca Ogawa, and my word it was gorgeous. A farmhouse is situated in the middle of the property, and doubles as a reception area and winery. John, a wonderful man and the proprietor of Finca Ogawa, met us here to give the lay of the land and the keys to the dream that was to be our next few days’ experience.

    We spent our afternoon walking the property, picking peaches and apples from the trees as we went, drinking wine that came straight from the vineyards surrounding us, and in general relaxing in our comfy home. After an amazing, hot shower we took a walk down the road to the community that lives a half mile from Finca Ogawa to rustle up something for dinner. With a full chef’s kitchen at our disposal, we decided to make some pasta primavera and a lemon-glazed chicken for dinner. We had already picked our fill of herbs, tomatoes, squashes, and zucchinis from the gardens and lacked only a chicken and spaghetti. The husband and wife run market in “town” had everything we needed. Another great bottle of Finca Ogawa wine and the sun setting on the mountain peeks of the valley truly made this an evening I will never forget. Oh, the garden-grown dinner was delicious too.

    After a great night’s sleep on the best bed I’d seen in my travels around Argentina, I got up early to grab some eggs from the chicken cages, more tomatoes and herbs from the garden, and a basket full of raspberries from the berry patch to make breakfast. Since we were on vacation, we couldn’t help ourselves from having a glass Finca Ogawa wine with breakfast too. Needless to say, we spent the rest of our day in bliss touring the other wineries in the immediate area. If we didn’t have a flight to catch that night, we might have never left the oasis that is Finca Ogawa.»
    ~~Raman Voorhis, February 2014

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